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By awjrecordings, Jun 6 2016 05:42PM

MNK began making music at the age of 12 years old, he always wanted to know how much was made. The producer found that year after year he progressed well and came to the stage of working with artists including Aneym, Cassi Luv, Angie, DJ Wad, Newt and more.

MNK loves straight-forward music which is shown in his productions.

At the end of a creation, MNK will listen back with focus and gauge the feeling of the melody.

By awjrecordings, Jun 3 2016 01:25PM

Awad Jeeawody, aka DJ WAD, was born on 18 July 1988 in Mauritius. Being a passionate fan of Trance/Progressive music, Awad's musical journey began in the year 2000 when he started producing dance music in his own style. Taking to the stage at 17 as a Resident DJ at Technokratz Entertainment, DJ WAD played at several nightclubs and discotheques all over Mauritius. Bookings to play on Radios (Basslover_Germany, Trance Fm_Netherlands) increased Awad's notoriety, exposure and skill-set in the inductry. A debut album, DJ WAD - New Generation Music, was signed by Harbour Music Production and released in the year 2007. The new style of music brought by DJ WAD caught the attention of local listeners and DJ WAD received great support from his label. Awad's work is also featured on several local compilations: Sega Mania, Harbour Beat. Awad's initial local success was followed up with a string of international releases: "DJ WAD - Reflections EP(4Beat Records), DJ WAD - I Dream(Bistronica Records), DJ WAD - Euphotek Edition EP(4Beat Records), DJ WAD - The Evolution EP(Phat Groove Records), DJ WAD - I Dream 2009 Remixes(4Beat Records), DJ WAD - Euphotek Evolution 2010(StoneFlow Records), DJ WAD - I Dream 2010(Phat Groove Records), DJ WAD - Kilimandjaro EP(Phat Groove Records), DJ WAD - Anubis(Factory 918 Records)." Today, Awad's hard work has led him to become an accomplished producer, working dj and a very busy man. He is hard at work with remix commitments to several international artist and labels.

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Conzo aka Connor Jack is a 19 year old trance producer from Scotland..

"I have been producing music for about 2 years now and fell in love with trance music at a very young age. My mother, believe it or not, was the first to introduce me to the genre, early 90s trance music like Atb, Paul van dyk, Sash, Armin van buuren, and even Enya. I fell in love with this music at first listen and have listened to it my whole life, but only 2 years ago I realised that I wanted to make my own music and bring the feelings to people that I felt when I heard these artists. This is what I do, I produce music and I love it and I hope that one day people will be inspired by the sounds that I create."