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By awjrecordings, Mar 18 2016 05:47PM

The new EP Compromesso from David Garner & SamuWriter is Out Now!

A culturally diverse collaboration from AWJ Recordings artist David Garner and Russian producer SamuWriter, also including a remixed track from Mood Pulse. The Compromesso EP is a 4-piece journey of emotions. Commencing with a beautifully sculpted main track featuring mainly French vocals and poem excerpts . Mood Pulse lifts the energy with a pulsating beat and a European dance edge. The subtle English spoken track 'Stars' gives a nod to the middle-east with the stringed accenting melody. Lastly, we find ourselves surrounded by an incredible, indescribable vision of almost a dream-like place - the mind is captivated by the emotion, you are stopped in your tracks for a brief moment to drink in the feeling of the unknown.

David Garner describes this release as a masterpiece, reminiscing of love and tenderness.

'I always get inspired by music, so when I first heard the instrumental demo of the track 'Compromesso', certain images appeared immediately in my head. Images of love... melancholia waiting for the moment of meeting with a loved one, memories of the past. For the lyrics I was inspired by a poem 'Des premiers ans de votre vie'.'

SamuWriter's passing towards the end of making this release was sudden and bitter..

'I'm proud that the name SamuWriter continues to live with this release.'

This album is now available exclusively on BEATPORT

By awjrecordings, Mar 15 2016 11:42AM

Our first release of 2016 is spearheaded by Austrian producer Milen. There is a melancholic undertone throughout driven by a vigorous beat.

Milen describes 'The Cloud' as an uplifting trance track, filled with ancient melodies and a euphoric drop.

'The project started in 2014 when I got the idea for those Egyptian chords and from time to time they progressed more and more into this trance track. From the first day of production until the final product, the sound evolved and changed a lot and I'm really happy with the end result.'

This album is now available to buy on: Beatport

By awjrecordings, May 9 2015 07:34PM

Milen - Amsterdam

AWJ Recordings is proud to present a brand new project from Austrian producer with his latest banging sound called Amsterdam.

After a vacation in Amsterdam, I had the idea to step out of my comfort zone and produce a track mainly for the dance floor. I've never produced Melbourne House before but I couldn't resist and so the track Amsterdam was born. The track contains a massive chord section, epic trancy vocal gates and a Melbourne House drop.


Genre: House - Electro

Release Date: 12/03/2015

Label: AWJ Recordings






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