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Keiron Raven & DJ WAD - Brahmastra

By awjrecordings, Dec 5 2018 11:52AM

A sturdy, throbbing beat takes charge. The cold determination and hard strength invigorate your senses. Ethnic strings cut through the steely grit with an enchanting beauty. The two moods battle between each other creating an exciting tribal concoction.


“The sitar sound reveals the ancient Indian weapon following with a massive drop, rolling bassline and a slight touch of uplifting trance.”

Keiron Raven & DJ WAD intend to hit the dancefloors hard with this addictive sound. The concept is inspired by the Brahmastra weapon and its supernatural power.

“Great release, full support!” Combo

“I love this.” DJ Kirk

“Love the track” DJ Fresh

“Nice track, will give some spins.” DJ Kato

“Solid track, great beats!” Sandy Minaj

“Sexy track.” Marc Stevens

“Very good sounds.” Paul Bronx

“Love it. Play it. Push it!” DJ Blow Up

“Very good song for my country.” DJ Vicious Kobe

“This song is a really nice one.” DJ Kevin

“Very good sound, I love it.” Jozeph 
“I’m loving it.” Djane Clubstyle

“Will put the groove on the floor.” DJ Greystoke

“Good track, yes let’s go.” Jay

Artwork: I have worked endlessly crafting my power, and now it is complete. In this mythical realm tonight, we shall do battle.

PRESS: Audiation Magazine | Press Party | IMAAI

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