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Insane house feat. Jorge R. & Alberto Stendhal - Fear The Noise

By awjrecordings, Oct 7 2019 10:59AM

A firm, unyielding dance beat is at the very core of ‘Fear The Noise’ by Insane House featuring Jorge R. and Alberto Stendhal. The Mexican trio come together to create a special sound that takes you on a good time. We are lead into the underground club scene with the dark and moody vibes. A gritty bass takes over together with bewitching vocal drones. The story behind the story…

“The mix of the track is a fusion of talent, for the same genre, based on a lot of percussions and a traditional rhythm of tech house,” Insane House explains. “The track would not have been done without the producers of the city of Mexico.“



“Nice track. Love it.” Gio Montagna Dj

“Great release, full support!” Combo

“Sounds Good To Me. Charting! Thanks.” djrichnitemare

“I like this and will play it out in my shows.” Linda Leigh

“Stunning track, airplay supported.” Eddy Becker

“I like it and play it.” Eric B

“Full support thank you.” Bk

“Nice work” Soundfasto

“Remix eccezionale sound ottimo tutto da ballare veramente ottimo.” Tiperius

“Remix exceptional sound excellent everything to dance really good.” Tiperius

“Big tribal. Like rooms for this sound. Thanks.” DeepSouthAudio

“Good tune. Support. Thanks.” DJ Style

“Cool.” Frisco

“Very fine.” Joseph Christian

“Nice music! Thanks.” No Hopes

“Really cool.” Stephan Grondin

“Will drop the original.” Whistla

Artwork: Thick smoke clouds the air as thunderous booms shake the ground.

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