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By awjrecordings, Jun 6 2016 05:39PM

Ignite is the artist name for musician and producer Ben Warner.

Based in Ireland, Ignite runs a music & radio tuition business teaching digital music production to anyone with the spark of an idea, but a fear or loathing of musical notation, the stress of exams and pressure to succeed.

Ignite is currently working with numerous individuals on personal projects and corporately with a church to produce an album of contemporary reworkings of hymns ancient and modern.

As an artist, Ignite has been writing music in the Trance, Progressive House, Ambient and Orchestral genres since 2012 and has two tracks coming up on AWJ Recordings.

His own music is often inspired by cinematic references and movie dialogue, most recently taking ideas raised by ‘The Impossible’ (2012) and ‘Gravity’ (2013) in order to generate material.

Ignite’s most recent project has been a remix for Fania Records – Pete Rodriguez’ 1967 Latin House classic, ‘I Like It Like That’ – his ‘Ignition Boogaloo’ updates the spirited original without losing any of the spark and passion which made it such a hit to begin with.

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