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Gastón Sosa - 406

By awjrecordings, Jul 11 2019 11:27AM

Get a taste of the sunshine as light tropical beats enter. A deep and moody attitude overrides this feeling, creating a sense of mystery and excitement. Preserve and cherish the pale blue dot. The futuristic, pulsating warps take you into another dimension. An extraterrestrial escape.

“My main inspiration when it comes to producing a track, is simply the enormous taste that love gives me in the studio,” says Gastón Sosa. “I simply flowed and, when I least expected, it the track was ready. The vocals are from the maestro Carl Sagan, who is my inspiration, even when it comes to producing electronic music.”



“Love the mystery of this track.” PaulB

“Awesome beat.” Aiko Ashimi

“This is a quality track. Beautiful.” Serge Heller

“Nice feel to it.” Ricardo Basto

“I think this track will have success.” Master Tunes DJ

“Would work for the right crowd.” Nils Vermon

“Might fit in the mix.” Frank Tapua

“I love the track and give full support.” DJ Moise

“Great work! This track will be my top 10 of this week.” Michal-Tek

“Nice work.” Soundfausto

“Trop bon son je vais le jouer dans mon set live.” DJ Fifi

“Nice early evening track.” Louie Torres

“Not a fan of tech house, but I like it.” Mistermany

“I love this track and give full support.” Daventry Radio

“Good track.” Jay

“Support.” Daniel De Roma

“Good.” Ed Saez

“Cool.” Frisco

“Really cool.” Jamie Porteous

“Good stuff.” Magillian

“Nice beats.” No Hopes

“Will play.” Whistla

Artwork: A deserted planet, nothing but dust and distraught. The lights ahead begin to blur. I enter another dimension.

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