A global medley...

By awjrecordings, Nov 3 2019 01:13PM

A hard, striding beat leads us into ‘Soul Burn’ by GURU. As air filters through, like the winds across the desert, we are met with a soothing warmth. Playful tinkers of a xylophone delight the senses. A daring electronic melody then steals the limelight with an addictive sound.

By awjrecordings, Oct 16 2019 12:30PM

Episode #73 mixed by Michel Dogniaux features an intense selection of pure progressive tracks!

01. Black Peters - Renaissance Diner (Original Mix)

02. Chris Cargo - Space Between (Original Mix)

03. Slam Duck - Beautiful Beast (Original Mix)

04. Fuenka - Odyssey (Original Mix)

05. Fuenka - Sirius (Original Mix)

06. Aneesh Gera - Solace (Paul Thomas & White-Akre Extended Remix)

07. Solid Stone - Lucid

08. John OO Fleming - Space Odyssey (Original Mix)

09. Max Freegrant & Slow Fish - L'amour (Paul Thomas & White-Akre Remix)

10. JP Lantieri - Pinot Grigio (Stan Kolev Remix)

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By awjrecordings, Oct 7 2019 10:59AM

A firm, unyielding dance beat is at the very core of ‘Fear The Noise’ by Insane House featuring Jorge R. and Alberto Stendhal. The Mexican trio come together to create a special sound that takes you on a good time. We are lead into the underground club scene with the dark and moody vibes. A gritty bass takes over together with bewitching vocal drones. The story behind the story…

“The mix of the track is a fusion of talent, for the same genre, based on a lot of percussions and a traditional rhythm of tech house,” Insane House explains. “The track would not have been done without the producers of the city of Mexico.“